Benefits of the Open MRI System

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a special type of clinical imaging different from x-rays and CT scans. While both of those scans use x-rays, the CT scan catches more extended 360 degree images of the body for more accurate diagnosis. Still, even with the best CT scans being performed on a patient, sometimes the images are still not as good as they could be. This is when physicians will prescribe the MRI scan instead. It shows more detail and can catch physical problems in the body much easier than other imaging systems. This is ideal for tissue injuries and suspected tumors.

MRIs are superior in a number of ways when compared to other imaging systems but they can make people claustrophobic due to the small space in the machine. You can look to open mri in Toms River clinics to get past this problem. Normally, people with claustrophobia are given mild sedatives before an MRI. This can sometimes cause problems with the scanning procedure and it has side effects. With the open field MRI systems, the scan is done in a wide space with no close in parts to make your situation less than comfortable. The quality of this scan is just as good as that of the closed MRI scan.

Ask your physician about this option if you have a fear of small spaces. They will then refer you to the proper clinic in the Toms River area so you can stay local and receive the same care you would from the typical MRI scanning clinic. Rest easy knowing that the scan will only take about an hour and the space feels free and open. The only thing you need to be sure of is staying still at certain periods, but the radiologist operating the MRI will guide you through this process easily.