Radiology Tests in Iselin, NJ

If you are concerned about some aspect of your health, or you were told by a doctor that you need to get some tests done, you may be looking for a great radiology location. The reason why edison radiology is something that patients seek out is because you can get a number of major tests at these sites. For instance, if your doctor has said that you need to get an MRI for a specific reason, this is the place where you will want to go. You will have a seamless experience with the MRI test, and you will be getting the results fairly quickly too.

There are other radiology services that you can request at the site too. For instance, if you are requiring a CT scan, digital X-Ray or an ultrasound, it is not a problem for them to perform these procedures at the clinic. And whenever you are getting a test, you will be accompanied by nurses and other medical experts who are certified in performing these exams. So you will know that you are in completely safe hands, and that nothing is going to go wrong during your test. And that is so important, especially for nervous patients.

Some patients may have concerns about sitting through the MRI, and we can understand those concerns. The MRI is not an easy test to sit through, especially if you are the type of person who suffers from claustrophobia. We have two recommendations: Talk with the people at the clinic and they can ensure you have a comfortable MRI experience, or you may want to find a place where you can get an open MRI test, which is a lot less of a struggle to go through. Even if you are claustrophobic, the open MRI should not be an issue for you to go through!